Snake and the Circle [Nit]
Snake and the Circle [Nit]
Snake and the Circle [Nit]
Snake and the Circle [Nit]

Snake and the Circle [Nit]

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knit cap

  • The table was designed to be a combination of snakes and marshal, and the design
  • The back is a single-color design
  • able to be worn in a riversible
  • Wrap caps covered with a tite over a wrap cap.
  • a beeny style that gives a slightly loose impression when the folded part is worn over
  • The outside is software, and you use the diamond-jaji fabric, which is highly elastic.
  • Inside, you use a nice, texture, quilt-wind, Jazi fabric.
  • Can be used regardless of the season (please avoid use in the heat wave)
  • 4 Size
  • unisex goods
  • Maydynne London


Turn the dough back in front of your laundry.An iron can be used on the back side of the print.The washing machine 30 °C and the dryer can be used in low-temperature settings.Don't squeeze the dough.A low temperature iron.It is also compatible with the team irons.

  • 30 degrees in laundry
  • " 85 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Dry plane 1
  • Don't squeeze me.
  • a low temperature
  • Steam correspondence

Measure Size

  XS/Kids S/M Measurement.Name L/XL XXL
52-54 cm
20.5 - 21.2 "
54-57 cm
21.2 - 22.5 "
Measurement.Name L/XL
57-60 cm
22.5 - 23.6 "
60-63 cm
23.6 - 24.8 "