Shipping policy

Delivery service

At CHARAP, we not only have high quality, but also reliable service and prompt delivery. All manufacturing is done at one factory in London, so in most cases from the orderShip in as little as 48 hoursIt will be possible. Designers, printers and manufacturing departments work together, making it a lean process in good condition. In addition, the factory is moving on weekends and holidays, but it is not included in the manufacturing period.


In normal delivery, it will be shipped from London using European Yamato Transport,We can deliver very quickly in about 4-6 days from shipment. Free shipping through all over Japan, including Hokkaido, Okinawa, and remote islandsare. There is no option of speeding.
(Postage 1500 yen in the United States and China, postage 1,000 yen in The United Kingdom and Germany)

About tariffs

There is a possibility of customs duty due to delivery from the UK to Japan, but customers who specify delivery to Japan will only be responsible for the product fee and shipping cost to be paid at the time of order. Don't worry.For deliveries outside Japan, we do not bear tariffs except for deliveries to the UK and EU。 Please note that the recipient may be charged customs duties directly. Tariff rates and systems vary from country to country, so we recommend that you check your imports in advance.