Seasoning [Hut]
Seasoning [Hut]
Seasoning [Hut]
Seasoning [Hut]

Seasoning [Hut]

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  • The table is a comprehensive design with a variety of seasonings
  • The back is a single-color design
  • able to be worn in a riversible
  • The materials are light, durable canvas fabric, oil-black nut dough, 100 % Cotton denim dough (see below).
  • Available regardless of season
  • 4 Size
  • unisex goods
  • Maydynne London

Canvas ...It is a fabric with a soft texture, which is a sturdy fabric, and is a piece of cloth that can be printed in a beautiful, colorful, detailed design, too.The bucket hats using canvas canvas are soft and easy to fold, so they can be placed in a bag in a bag.Moreover, because of the airflow compared to the oil cross, the bucket hat of canvas canvas is available during midsummer.

-Oyrkrsmat ...It is a fabric with a PVC oil coating on a solid fabric of 100 % cotton and waterproof.Printing to the oil cross is very vivid, and it is characteristic of us that we can continue to use it, and we can make it unthinkable.The hard and straithright piece of cloth is effective when wet days and water are wet.

* 10 oz denim dough consisting of 100 % Cotton denim, 100 % natural Cotton.It is a very strong fabric, characterized by a diagonal-like drill-like eye-weave.It is lightweight and compact, so it can be rolled up in a bag, suitcase, or jackets in the pocket of the jacket.


    Laundry with a 30 °C setting

    • 30 degrees in laundry
    • a low temperature
    • dryer
    • Don't squeeze me.

    Measure Size

      XS/Kids S/M Measurement.Name L/XL XXL
    52-54 cm
    20.5 - 21.2 "
    54-57 cm
    21.2 - 22.5 "
    Measurement.Name L/XL
    57-60 cm
    22.5 - 23.6 "
    60-63 cm
    23.6 - 24.8 "